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Dental Clinic - DENTAL-ART

Welcome to Dental-art Clinic offering full range of high quality dental services.Dental-Art Clinic was started in 1994 and is located in Wroclaw centre. We provide excellence in dentistry for our patients who demand and expect the best. The clinic houses an entire range of dental specialists and we offer dental services including dental surgery with implantology, general dentistry with endodontics(root canal therapy), dental prosthetics, dental hygiene and child dentistry.

We posses modern equipment and we use the newest technology materials which are the same as in UK and all have European Union attests. For the diagnostics we use state of the art computerised system,called digital radiography,to produce patients' x-rays (90% less radiation than conventional dental x-rays). Dental Art Clinic offers every available technique for providing quality, comfort and ease during procedures.


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klinika stomatologiczna The location of our clinic in Poland allows us to be up to 75% cheaper than UK's surgeries

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ul. Komandorska 53a/3b
53-342 Wrocław
tel. 071/ 373 22 66

klinika stomatologiczna

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